• We Provide Training Innovatively
    Our Law School has a distinctive and innovative curriculum
    in which Practical Training gets the prime importance.
  • Workshop
    Wthe LEAP series of workshops, we give a chance to our students
    to interact with the industry experts, thereby expanding their skill-set.
  • Practical Learning
    Students' enthusiastic participation in a
    PD game



“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”

-Clay P. Bedford

The Training and Internship department/cell focuses on developing a strong relationship with industry and modulating the teaching learning processes in accordance with the current and emerging needs of job markets/ prospective employers. At Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida we have been persistently working to achieve better learning and to create newer avenues of opportunities for our students. We aim at ensuring that this be fulfilled by seeking help from the experts representing different fields which would further lead to establishing knowledge and skill bank to understand the various facets of Law and all necessary imperatives of legal practice and profession globally recognized.

A series of workshops are organized and conducted at regular intervals under our Learners’ Engagement and Activation Program (LEAP). Under the LEAP series of workshops, we give a chance to our students to interact with the industry experts, thereby expanding their skill-set. Our team invites experts, guest speakers and professionals on a regular basis to not only address our students but also to mentor as well as guide them via online modes of communication. These renowned personalities provide them an insight into practical and work life of legal profession while endeavoring to motivate and inspire them.

We strongly endorse that inculcating Soft Skills complements one’s technical expertise too which, now a days, is a bare minimum for ensuring a successful career. Our students already get exposed to the learning of hard-skills through the conventional classroom teaching learning process.


The training part through the LEAP program, broadly, is spread across the semesters (depending upon the course of study, namely, LLB- 3 years or BALLB- 5 years).

Since we understand the relevance and significance of covering a whole gamut of modules which cover various essential aspects related to inculcating the required range of skills. Therefore, we’ve meticulously designed it as given below for a quick reference:

S. No. Stage Age Program Type Module (s) Topics Assessment Criteria
1 I Basic 20
(2 hrs. each)
  • • Self Introduction
  • • Language Advancement
  • • Basic Grammar
  • • Basic Legal Vocabulary
  • • Spoken English
Quiz [MCQs]
2 II Intermediate 20
(2 hrs. each)
  • • Soft Skills Training
  • • Body Language
  • • Personality
  • • Development
Mock Interview
3 III Advance 10
(2 hrs. each)
  • • Meditation practice
  • • Group Discussion
  • • Interview Skills
  • • Résumé Writing
Mock GD + Mock Interview

LEAP has tried to embed its programs in accordance to the ever changing demands of the Law firms/ industry needs. Regular team building programs, undertaking case studies and working on behavioral aspects, along with keeping a tab on learning effective communicative skills (intrapersonal as well as interpersonal) all are a pathway leading to success.

Apart from planning, we at Lloyd are equally particular about our thorough training strategy.

“We Provide Training Innovatively!”

  • • Learning is fun
  • • We use humour
  • • Powerful learning tools are used
  • • We encourage participation
  • • Counsel and Mentor on an individual basis
  • • Learner centric training sessions are conducted
  • • Special emphasis is laid on developing self- esteem
  • • Games are used
  • • Meditation techniques are employed
  • • Outdoor training settings make learners enthusiastic

The LEAP cell comprises a highly qualified, experienced and well trained group of trainers solely focused on ensuring and strengthening one’s EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS. We don’t only train for a specific firm/ post; we rather train for life!


The college has, since its beginning, wanted to ascertain that students acquire an insight into, and are afforded maximum exposure to the workplace by mandating students to take internships with judges, senior advocates, law firms, international organizations, NGOs, PSUs, corporate houses, commissions, ministries, state departments and with other such set ups.

Career Guidance Design

  • • Career guidance is offered in the III (for LLB) and IV & V (for BALLB) years respectively by inviting experts/professionals from various areas of legal practice including renowned law firms.
  • • The students are provided with a chance of getting chosen by senior professionals as well as reputed law firms and companies. For this purpose, the LEAP is constituted by the IV year student(s) internally recruited by a student recruitment programme annually.
  • • Our Law School has a distinctive and innovative curriculum in which Practical Training gets the prime importance. Practical training sessions are genuine attempts to expose the students in diverse aspects of legal work in lawyer’s chambers, courts, administrative offices, quasi-judicial establishments, prosecution departments, police and correctional institutions, commercial corporate establishments, government law offices, legal aid centres, legislative secretariats, so on and so forth
  • • Internship Training opportunities aim to coach professional skills, essential aspects of professional ethics and social responsibility issues and management of challenging situations in practical and professional life.