LinkedIn for lawyers is important for three reasons:

  • Your clients are using it, so it’s essential for you to understand the tools, and the risks and implications, so that you can effectively advise them.
  • It’s an excellent place to conduct research on clients/potential clients. We all leave digital breadcrumbs on these platforms, and they provide tremendous insight into what the industry and clients care about, what worries them, and what the trends are
  • You can use LinkedIn to engage directly with your clients, build relationships and add another dimension to who you are as a lawyer that makes clients more comfortable in hiring you.


  • Create your profile as an individual member on LinkedIn
  • Update your profile so it summarizes your professional accomplishments. Your LinkedIn profile is an important piece of your online presence.
  • Follow the Lloyd Law College page for creating contacts. You may want to add alumni of your college to your professional network.


Profile- Make sure your profile is 100% complete including your past employment/work etc. LinkedIn’s dynamic user interface will guide you through the process and indicate when your profile is at 100%.

Connect with people- Connect with law professors, law students, employers and professionals you meet online and offline.

Recommendations- Little is more powerful to an employer than recommendations from people you’ve worked for or leaders who know you well. Law professors, lawyers, or even employers unrelated to the law can be asked to provide a recommendation through LinkedIn’s simple request form.

Groups- Join groups which you have an interest in. If there are niche areas of law you’re interested in going into, join relevant groups. If there are interests you have outside the law, join those groups. Employers want to see you’re not afraid to get out and engage with folks with similar interests.

Network- Reach out and get to know lawyers and business people in areas you’d like to work. You can do it via groups or running searches by topic and locale. Ask professionals you meet questions about legal topics, about the job market, about how they got their job, etc.

So, tell your story on LinkedIn and make yourself memorable!